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Covid-19 Relief for Businesses

Many of you may have concerns regarding your business continuity during the Covid-19 Lockdown, as many businesses will be unable to sign new clients during the Lockdown period, and may also be concerned about paying employees who are unable to work. As such, we have decided to communicate some of the options for Aid.

In addition to the first email we sent to you (Part 1), the government also have made funds available to assist small businesses financially. For more information on these funds and how to apply, please follow the below link:

Kindly take a look at the guidelines by following this link : , and do take some time register your business by using the link below, should this link gives you issues , please be patient with the process and keep on trying:

More Debt Relief Fund Information – Please note supporting documentation required as well as the new application form that will be made available from 2 April 2020

 Further to this mail , should you have any SASSA Grant clients , we have attached a SASSA guide FYI

  • Attached to this email, you will also find an informational page regarding SMME funding.

We hope that the information provided may provide assistance to some of you. Our thoughts are with everyone during these trying times. Please stay safe!

Corona Disaster UIF Plan 23 MARCH 2020

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